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k24a2 dyno graph Since 1967, Total Seal has been the authority in piston ring design and technology for Vehicle, Diesel, Industrial, Marine and Aviation applications. Dec 01, 2020 · Melling Engine Parts is proud to announce the acquisition of Performance Springs UK Ltd. Jan 21, 2019 · Here's the dyno graphs - 1st is the last after a long series of pulls. Please contact us to submit a product or kit. But now the YouTube channel and blog has Product Information. 80325 … 400. 9tq. Spun the bike 3 times as is. Considering you're still running stock cams I can't imagine your car pulling above 8000RPM. Engine and Application: K-series Engines: k20a2, k24a2. See more ideas about honda civic, civic, honda. These are adapters I have come across while researching for articles. Link to Dyno Graph . Coolant diverter MUST be used; Use K24A headstuds; Use K24A timing chain . When rumblings of the 2009 Nissan GT-R's This is noticeable when on the Dyno and you see the different graphs when locked at 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 degrees. Take a look at this dyno chart from an internally stock supercharged K24 Accord engine with intake header and cat compared to a stock RSX-S engine. The PCM uses this signal to alter the ignition timing and prevent detonation. made 177. well REDLINE is what is the max RPM of the car above REDLINE of your car the engine can be hurt like blown head gasket not a big deal but if inter cooler gets inside the engine may hurt the engine and if you have a diesel car you shouldn’t go above 3000 RPM with gasoline you can go up to 9000 RPM and you can go faster if you are higher rpm so TORQUE Dyno Contact Gallery News Honda K24 2. 64 a/r 3" downpipe and Exhaust DSM 450cc injectors / Walbro 255 KTuner for 05-06 RSX Base and Type-S, 02-04 RSX, EP3, and Swap vehicles. 6T ตัวนี้มีค่อนข้างเยอะ Honda EG K24A2 #Aem #S2 #. If we change the horsepower range from 300 to 420 (Graph B) we will expand the definition of the curve and get a Fits 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S 2. I want this thread to help people see how mods effect powerbands in different setups. How does it compare to the old 3. Engine. it K24z7 Hp Redline Ecu - zvtu. Renamed Melling Performance Springs Ltd, this state-of-theart supplier is a premier designer and manufacturer of high quality, precision spring products and is a leading innovator in the field of high performance spring technology. 4L K24A2. May 20, 2018 · Download Image. Advanced Search . PTE 7175 / GSC Stg 2 / AEM. Simply choose "unmodified" from the drop down menu. If you are unsure of which specs would be best for your build, call or contact us first so our experienced sales and tech staff can help answer all of your questions. Mar 01, 2011 · Bone Stock K24a2 AFI GT35R Turbo Kit Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump Precision 1000cc Injectors AEM Injector Driver Hondata K Pro Hondata 4 Bar MAP Sensor Here are the results: This chart is at 14 PSI. annuncisci. Shop K Series Parts wide selection of turbo kits for Acura, Honda, Toyota and so much more. 29 inches in diameter and is the largest d series CP(you want the largest for max boost). Or reinstall the k24a2 cams for the k24a2 head and the RBC and retune (of course). 5" OBX twin loop exhaust, Kpro Used K24a2 Longblock The K24a2 TSX engine is the perfect starter engine for any K-series Build. Like the 5. our Dyno is a computer controlled, Dynojet 250I bike and trike dyno. A graph showing this site's review totals. View attachment 336713 Having said all of that, there's a few things to keep in mind. This 2004 model has about 120,000 miles on it and minimal mods (just an CT-Engineering Carbon Icebox, UR Underdrive Pulleys, and a Fujitsubo exhaust). The RBC manifold out performs the PRB and PRC manifolds almost everywhere. Toyota MKIV Supra TT. evolution cam gears KMOD Stage 1 K24 Crate Engine- 220-230whp -K24a2  Furthermore, this graph is interesting as a corroboration of my car's dyno numbers. Now, I’m not talking your semi-standard ‘upgrade’ swap, like replacing your Nissan KA with an SR, or ditching your Honda D-series for a new K-series, but full-blown, crossbred transplants. 4 liters of displacement. This resulted in 198-whp, which in a 2400-lbs EK Civic coupe feels pretty damn here are my numbers: (I can post up graphs for anyone who wants to see) 206 - Hytech Header, 2. Larger or smaller cubic inches, different lobe separation angles and other variables will alter these figures, but at least it's a starting point in the explanation of using a certain range of cam with a certain range of static compression ratio. The was a stock block K24A2, stock K20A2 head, BDL 70mm throttle body, I/H/E and KPRO with dyno tuning. Honda JDM B20, B16A, B16B, B18B & B18C Spec R, GSR, Type R Motors DYNORUN. Everyone is absolutely right regarding the cylinder head being the problem. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. it Redline Ecu cpt code 85008, 2019 CPT-4 and HCPCS codes subject to CLIA edits – CMS. - Drop k24a2 into car but with new k20a2 oil pan and pump but keep k24a2 head installed. Jan 13, 2014 · 05 K24a2, ep3 5spd trans, hondata kpro, injen intake, ebay catback exhaust, rbb intake manifold, ep3 tb. The motor is rated at 200hp at 6800rpm and 166lbs-ft at 4500rpm. 7K likes. (818) 768-3067 or (818) 723-2572 Mon-Fri 12:00 PM - 7 PM PACIFIC TIME ZONE KMOD 2012-2015 Civic Si Hot Side Turbo Kit- Fg4/Fb6 (400-900) $ 1,199. Dyno Results A few days following the installation of the Comptech header, we pointed our project TSX A-Spec west and headed over to Dynolab, Inc. cam gear(stg. $295. 4l dohc i-vtec engine. 6, 1. Wiseco domestic auto and sport compact pistons are forged and machined in-house and receive a full compliment of power enhancing features. 5" OBX twin loop exhaust, Kpro 06 TSX K24A2 w/ Type-S DCRH header w/ magnaflow cat, AEM v2 intake, custom full 2. 06DC5 wrote:Nice setup. What did not work I have a 99 Civic Si (Canadian version), a 5 speed mated to a D16 engine. If you have a 2003-2007 Honda Accord 2. 5:1 CR. multiple vehicle comparison, save and print graphs, drag and drop runs, rapid RPM / TPS Boost your engine's power with a forced induction system. The Honda also has more torque under the graph than the Ford. Started with 209whp and ended up with 221whp. 3, or 4 Cams -Drag Cartel Adjustable Ex. 002 Stock RO 11/21/2003 15:15:44 DYNORUN. 94/91. 21,349 88ci tw6-6r wood conversion kit rcc-2, ness stage 1, kt1 fuel needle 195 main 50 slow. 002 Max TORQUE= 162. PLM Private Label Mfg. Bid for the chance to own a No Reserve: K20-Powered 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback 6-Speed at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. It would have been much higher but due to clutch slip we could not get accurate power figures over 6700rpm which is why it flatlines at that point on the graph, it’s likely in the 235-245whp range. 67. :. Camshafts and race headers probably will need tuning to get the most of the them - it will depend on the manufacturer of the part. 487" / . **Test results may vary from car to car. Peak torque chimed in with 297 lb-ft at 8,600 rpm, but perhaps more importantly, this little spinner managed more than 280 lb-ft of torque across a span from 6,800 to 9,600 rpm – nearly 3,000 rpm. Knock Sensor. K24A2 and K24A3 (2006-2008 Acura TSX) Increased intake flow: Intake valve + 1 mm oversize (Intake valve head measures 36mm, but valve seat still measures 35mm) Intake cam High lift lobe with 0. 5" Exhaust Hondata K-Pro Acura RSX-S (229 WHP) Stock K24 / K20 Head. CAI was not tuned) These graphs show the best of the stock Auto ECU vs the worst of the reflashed. Nov 12, 2013 · I gained over 21+ whp over my last dyno with the stock manifold. Running 25 degree vtc gear and 91oct. 7, 1. The new HKS EVC has improved boost stability for maintaining pressure at high RPMs providing increased top-end power, and a new mapping feature allows boost pressure to be precisely tuned for throttle + RPM (or vehicle speed). 171hp (126 kW), 158 lb/ft torque DTAFast, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Ignore the RPM signal loss that spiked the torque figure up a bit. A dyno graph is important because: It provides you with a baseline for comparison to see changes in the damper’s performance, whether those changes are from age, wear and tear, damage, or other variables. cortedelfontego. The JDM K20A is the best OEM version there is, with 20 more factory hp and a limited slip. The k24a2 head has smaller intake port openings than the k20a/2 this allows for higher velocity air speeds entering which helps the low end torque the k24 was built for in the lower rpm range, while the k20a/2 has larger ports to help flow in it’s power band, the higher rpm’s that the k24 doesn’t reach. ( K24a2 will need a M8 x 1. 21,349 88ci stock with v and h short shots, very very small baffles not changeable after--- 2002 fxdwg mil. Our mission is to develop the best supercharger kits in the world with unparalleled performance, quality, reliability, and value. head and block; intake and exhaust manifold Dec 26, 2020 · Trade Show Update 12/26/2020. At a glance, the 2012 Nissan GT-R is a dead ringer for the outgoing model. 9 mm more lift and 12 degrees more duration; Throttle body increased from 60–64 mm; Radius on some intake pipes increased from 70–80 mm Of course. The Dynojet WinPEP software allows your dyno run to be displayed as a graph with vertical and horizontal axis. dyno type: Dynojet dyno temp: Unknown (most likely temp indicated in dyno graph in sig) fuel type: Shell V-power (91) mods: RSX spec k20a3 *not for use with  CorSport specailizes in Skunk2 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S K20A2/K24A2 Skunk2 Megapower Header - CorSport. Nov 28, 2015 · One-thousand horsepower, four-cylinder engines are today’s reality in import drag racing. Currently it's a lot of me drawing on graph paper. Nhia plans to come back soon to have us install ARP head studs, a Cometic Head Gasket, and new cams. Like all GReddy Revolution RS systems, it is a fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust, that carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our numerous GM, Ford, and Mopar Engines offer any custom builder, hot rodder, or kit car builder an engine that has been fully Dyno tested, passed vigorous inspections, and is ready to power up your project. Re: K24a2 E85 light build with DYNO Chart. Â In the beginning, the AccessPORT will show you only the peak values but in the near future we hope to provide a tool you can use to download the full dyno graph off the AccessPORT and onto your PC for viewing, sharing, bragging, etc. Got the tune cleaned up last week. This engine has been proven to 220-230whp(260whp w/ cams) All-Motor & 400-500whp Turbo on 93oct pu K24A2. K-Pro is a must have to get maximum performance out of your k-series engine. 2 stroke ignition timing curve 0-liter V8 LS7 is an engine produced by General Motors for use in high-performance vehicles. (see dyno graph) No measurable difference in emissions from stock. Right now i believe there's only the graph on the ui to check the hrsprs? #2 kwai38 , Apr 10, 2020 Dyno Graph Stage VI Suzuki GSXR1000 Dyno Graph Stage VI+ Suzuki Hayabusa Dyno Graph Stage VI Honda VTX 1800 Just as a point of reference most stock RC51's make about 118-120 rwhp. The red line is the RBC manifold and blue is the PRB manifold. 4l 4cyl. before--- 2002 fxdwg mil. It offers all the capabilities of the Free dyno, except: The app will no longer sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity—it's always up; The app will no longer consume your free dyno hours, leaving you to spend those on new experiments. I asked about about dropping a K24A2, but he said to go with a B18C because it’s a straight drop and everything will work 100%. Drug screen amphetamines 1/2 – Not payable by Medicare. GTX3582R Twin-Scroll / Front Facing Turbo. Jun 12, 2013 · How To Read A Dyno Graph. Rsx Type S Full Bolt Ons Dyno K20a2 Specs K20a2 Specs K24A2 / 11. All this will add up to a nice gain in HP, but a huge jump in torque. 4 cams only) -Supertech Springs & titanium retainers -KMOD Street Race Valve Job -High Performance Valves -Supertech Valves -KMOD Street Race Valve Job -RBC Intake Manifold -K-Tuned TB Adapter -K-Tuned K24A2(L4) dyno w/ every(or almost every) bolt-ons. The day has finally come and I bought my [realistic] dream car - a 2016 Corvette. There is a little loss in power from low to mid range rpm but from the 5500rpm point and up the RBC takes the win by a good bit. Apr 27, 2020 - Explore Kimarley Fuller's board "2011 honda civic" on Pinterest. Each set comes with the proper injector seat, pigtail wiring harnesses and a flow chart. Video with Dyno Graph-722whp 545wtq 58mm Turbo -Worlds Most Powerful # ArielAtom & #KMOD_OilPumpKit #K24a2 #Dc5 #RSX on the rollers yesterday. Q: Do I need dyno tuning? A: It shouldn't be necessary for common part combinations (intake, exhaust, etc. Jul 02, 2015 · The Offical K24a2 Swapped Ep3 Thread Honda Tech Honda Forum 2002 Acura Rsx Type S Dyno Results Graphs Hosepower Dragtimes Com New Nissan OEM 6MT manual transmission will replace all '03-'06 350Z / G35 sedan models as well as '03-'07 G35 Coupe and eliminates issues with soft synchronizers and grinding shifts. Post only K24a2's Stock Block, pushed to its Limit - K20A. KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only. the motor out of a CRV (k24a1) is probably the closest in spec to the Mazda 6 motor making a few hp less but still makes 20lb/ft more torque. Many consider the 2. The green spike in these locations is due to the torque converter unlocking before gearshift. Toggle Search; 4g63 max hp stock internals Oct 05, 2008 · Did you dyno on a Dynapack, if so your wheel horsepower is really around 181, because a dynapack dyno gives about 15% higher WHP values than your traditional dyno jet dyno's. Ill be installing this new turbo in a few days. Browse our range of high performance cams and valve train products, and buy online from anywhere in the world. 2 L J32 V6 from an Acura 3. That's the biggest SOTP difference to me. The following dyno chart is a typical fully stock factory 911 3. The knock sensor is located on the engine block, cylinder head, or intake manifold. 8whp and 163. 0s @ 109 with a horrible 60ft. We are not The RBC manifold out performs the PRB and PRC manifolds almost everywhere. If it's a k24z7 from a 12-15 civic si expect about 180ish whp from a custom tune. This motor uses a drive by wire throttle and has EGR castings on the manifold. Light weight forgings, millimeter ring packs, extra-strength forgings, gas ports, skirt coatings, offset pins, and a variety of other features are available to insure each engine exceeds our customer’s expectations. Honda Accord Type-S Supercharged Competition Clutch Twin Disc K Series K20 K24 Civic RSX NEW Fuel Injector For Honda Acura RDX 410cc B16 B18 K20 10,000 RPM K-Series Giveaway OEM PREMIUM CLUTCH KIT+CHROMOLY FLYWHEEL For 2002-2015 K-Tuned Upgraded Timing Chain Tensioner TCT K20 K24 KTD K-Tuned K24/K20Z3 Upper Coolant Housing Dyno results using a stock engine K20 with intake, header, exhaust and K-Pro made 232 whp and 169 pound feet of torque on a Dynojet 248C model. gl/x7jPzv Pretty interesting numbers hear. It was heat soaked. You can switch between displaying HP only, Torque only, or HP and Torque. Engine: JDM K20A Mods: SPMR K swap intake, PLM 4-2-1 K swap headers, 3in manifold back with rear muffler Stock 2002 Z06 dyno chart I bought the car last friday and took it to the dyno on saturday only because my friend was hosting a dyno day at his shop. Mind you, this engine is still internally stock except for a different oil pump and cam gear. and SP23. 013 Soft + Intake RO 11/21/2003 18:12:40 DYNORUN. Mar 17, 2008 · Below are some example graphs from back to back runs made on our 2008 STi demo car. Temperature in the shop was about 67 degrees. 7 does great down low, it just runs out of steam up top while the 392 is still screaming. 25" midpipe, 2. Sep 14, 2016 · Engine connecting rod and main bearing clearances have tightened in recent years for many racing applications, but there are caveats to this trend that engine builders need to acknowledge before bending traditional guidelines, especially when adapting those practices to street engines. My brother helped me find a great deal on an 07 TSX K24A2 motor locally. Typically the 3rd run is the highest number, and on my dyno it spun a whopping 77. The Operator can then type these times into their Computer to produce a Graph!! Oct 15, 2009 · Re: MK6 GTI Dyno'd Video & Graph Included- (johncarr123) 10-14-2009 08:20 PM #13 You have to host the image some place, then put the url inside the [IMG][/IMG] tags. An easy rule of thumb is that a head gasket matches the head its designed to work with. 453", 11. 0L K20Z3. Our folks have several options from basic to completely trick. If you have a handheld tuning tool or ECM/PCM data logger, you need this software to be able to truly evaluate your mods! Jun 18, 2019 · Skunk2 Racing is an industry leading aftermarket performance parts manufacturer that designs, engineers, develops, and manufactures engine, suspension, and exhaust performance parts for Honda, Acura, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Subaru. Applications:: 2002-2006 Acura RSX Base, Type-S Jul 11, 2013 · Here is a dyno comparison between my B16B and an average K24A2. 5 ft-lbs * also fits 2017 Toyota 86 Manual Trans *Data collected on stock vehicle *Retains catalytic convertor, front pipe *TBA = To Be Announced. This reality includes the leading-edge forced induction and engine-management technologies that make power production the easy part of building a racecar. This is a dynojet. In all seriousness, i'm surprise there isn't a dyno in this game yet. 18 Oct 2008 Dyno Numbers - NA-T - Stock Fuel, XSPower, 8 lbs, un-tuned, etc. 5 to pull a trailer or dash to 60 in 9 seconds was the stupidest thing they could have done at the expense of the Fit’s FE capability. 4. 8 and 2. Your dyno graph would tell you a lot regarding this question of yours. and there have been many horror stories from the use of the UO pulley, and the gains are extremely minimal. this is a basic principle of tuning vtec. The k24a2 is essential the larger version of the k20z3 which is the stock motor. - Do Frank swap (I already have the k20a2 head back from the shop - I will need an oil pan and pump). K24a2- The Acura TSX comes in with 10. All Carrillo connecting rods are manufactured from an oversized forging resulting in the proper grainflow as well as the surface removal of any potential inclusions or surface conversions generated by the forging process. My eco ran same time same mph in 1/4 mile as my stock gt. If one Shock tests . A video of the RSX with the k24a2, i/h/e e85, 80mm tb, and SBS Performance ported RBC A comparison of the 2006 k24A2 dyno tune graphs. 7L V8 VW Caddy I featured last … Full Standalone Realtechsystem without main ecu in Ford Mustang engine 3uz dbw by PROJECT-V See graph on dyno next week k24a2 ท่อนตรง 3 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Dyno is a dynojet in lincoln, ne at  21 May 2017 2007 6 M/T Mods to engine and drive train: Injen CAI / HyTech Header / Renault High-Flow Cat / HyTech Exhaust Pulley Kit / Flywheel: Exedy Stage 1 RSX 26 May 2010 I wonder which parts will always make your next dyno graph surpass everything in the power band? Maybe a maxbore tb will still allow u to have gains and no losses. 3 The Hybrid K24/K20 setups (one I have had personal experience with) put out 223whp/200ftlbs @ 8300rpm. My last dyno chart, also I only rev to 6600 rpms now I have dual valve springs, titianum retainers, and stainless Automotive Repair "How To Videos" That Will Help You Get The Repair Done With Ease. Mikey from MSpec Tuning in Schaumburg, IL was gracious enough to give us 12+ hours on the dyno to do back-to-back testing. I have wanted a Corvette since I was five years old. 0-liter turbo four-cylinder. honda element 2. **Our Ultimate Street Engine** 285whp-340whp All-Motor / Up to- 726whp Turbo Dyno Proven -Your choice of Cyl Heads, K24a block w/ -Stage. Fits 2004-2008 Acura TSX 2. It has an 80 mm air intake duct, new intake camshaft specifications, 36 mm intake valves, and 64 mm throttle body. 006": 274° / 286° Duration @ 0. I wonder why torque number is the same as stock engine when compare to the same rpm. Here are my dyno graphs, this is bone stock SAE corrected to 121whp. Its senses vibrations caused by engine knock or detonation. The injectors include billet aluminum CNC-machined components for perfect fitment. anassa, break out the measuring tape and measure your UO pulley. Jul 01, 2015 · I gained over 21+ whp over my last dyno with the stock manifold. So I would keep the limiter there. For the emissions minded, a high flow cat would be best mounted on the race header about 40cm behind its current position. Eccen (Gray measure lines across the graph were not scanned, ghetto I got a k24a2 long block out of a 2008 TSX with 110,000 miles. 2 TL Type-S which produces 280 horsepower. These peak Here’s a chart that breaks down the specs of the K24Z3 versus the K24A2: Engine Mounts. Vtec set at 4400rpm because this is my DD. 00 You can graph and compare up to 6 runs on the same dyno chart; Dyno software for inertia dynos at home or in the race shop The OnTrack dyno software can be used for any type of inertia dyno where the engine accelerates a mass such as a flywheel or heavy rollers. See the pricing page for more Dyno Chart HP: +6 hp TRQ: +7. Best Of All, It's 100% FREE! First bike was a BONE STOCK 13 XCT. It’s the world’s largest producer of internal combustion engines (all those lawnmowers), and has a long history of engine technology leadership. The goal was to show off what can be done with a stock K24A2 engine (2004-2008 TSX) in the Miata chassis, as well as te Dec 28, 2012 · The k24a2 head works best with its longer runner manifold to produce TQ and midrange. Red is with the (terrible) factory air box setup. The new EVC also offers a selectable kPa or PSI unit of measure, and a unique warning feature Jul 27, 2007 · The Yaris with a full complement of airbags still achieves the necessary means to achieve 6. 5 PSI. Second, a VTC mechanism modified for 45 degrees advance is a must. 0. My options are: - Drop k24a2, as is, into the car. Nm) จาก Graph ด้านล่างนี้ พอจะเห็นนะ ครับ ศักยภาพ 1. So let's get started, I have a 2000 Honda Civic CX , with the stock D16y7 non-vtec engine running @9psi on the Jackson supercharger. From the CVCC to VTEC and the recent i-VTEC, Honda was a consistent leader, especially in high-efficiency and high-output four cylinder engines. He came in for a service, and dyno. Sent from my SM-G9600 using Tapatalk Our K24A Engine for sale was introduced by Honda in the year of 2002. (after adding about 25 lbs that get lost in the driveline) When I first started my freelance career in the automotive scene there was nothing more fascinating than an engine swap. Hondata reflash rsx type s dyno Its finally time to unveil my new car, but first a few details. It certainly spools faster on the street. 19 Oct 2018 HONDA K-SERIES INTAKE MANIFOLD DYNO FACE-OFF how clean a graph it produced, the torque curve is perfect straight for what seems  Before the motor was a stock unopened k24a2 with the same bolt ons and cams as Call 201 773 9171 The graph shows a dyno tuning session June 2004 at  jus wondering if anyone has any Dyno graphs of the power curve of a B20 vtec. 631 WHP @ 27 PSI Buy Honda Civic Type R FD2R K20A RSP-2 Complete Cylinder Head in Singapore,Singapore. This motor uses the conventional VTEC mechanism as the older B series motors but with the addition of VTC. We're using mounts from Hasport and the front core support has to be cut to make room for the intake manifold. What I mean by dyno jet is, the style Import Power House uses. From dyno sheet seems that VTEC is set from 3800 rpm, move it to 4000 and you have better dyno graph shape Click to expand i'm certain his tuner set the vtec activation at its optimal point. Not only does this lower costs, but it also simplifies installation and makes the swap legal for popular classes like NASA ST4 and TT4. Cars: 2001-2005 Acura RSX Type-R, 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type -S  24 Oct 2012 Hondata Reflash, 04-06 K24A2 CL9 TSX Manual and Automatic, Reflash - HeelToe Automotive Check out the before and after dyno graph: DO NOT POST IF YOU HAVE NO DYNOGRAPH TO GO WITH IT!!! Also, when you say stage 1 cams for K24, do you mean K24A1 or K24A2? (see dyno graph); No measurable difference in emissions from stock. In the engine rebuild and parts business 48 years. 5 exhaust, stock airbox, (basemap) 217 - Hytech Header, 2. Contact us. org . It had only been a few weeks since we tested the DC Sports Header on the car, so to avoid having to reinstall the stock exhaust manifold in between, we decided not to rebaseline the car. Realistic numbers from the graph are 245/202 before factoring smaller wheel diameter, 235/194 if factor a 4% reduction for wheel diameter. provides the best value in performance car parts such as exhaust header, turbo manifolds, axle-back exhaust, cnc parts, heat exchangers, & intercoolers. The red line is the RBC manifold Clean, garaged, and driven only 34 miles. You may have to registerregister DNA Motoring is one of the largest retailers and distributors in the automotive aftermarket industry. Bryce founded Dust Runners Automotive Journal in 2014 as a way to write about the cars he found interesting. TSX / K24A2 headgasket – Acura P/N 12251-RBB-004 This gasket matches the K24A 87mm bore size and has the proper coolant passages for the RSP, K20Z3, and K24A2 heads. Options: The program has several options, including: BluePrint Engines is your premium choice in aftermarket and high-performance crate engines. then back to the dyno. 4 liters of displacement, and 1mm oversized intake valves. A single 4th gear dyno pull on a stone cold stock intercooler with our shop test car resulted in extremely high charge air temperatures over 150*F. It used i-VTEC to the intake camshaft that could change duration by +/- 25° and is tuned for the low-end and mid-range torque. i dont know if those numbers are good enought i am using the hondata itr calibration with the jrrh. Carreras. That same motor, on 11. A few relatives would get them occasionally from work and take me for rides growing up. I talk to a local Honda tuner in my area about engine swaps. The Jackson Racing supercharger kits have been discontinued and there will not be any more now, however we do hold a number of spares for these kits, if there is a spare part that you need, please see our website or email us Forum software by XenForo ® © 2010-2020 XenForo Ltd. 5:1 compression and 2. 20 Jan 2014 K Series - K24a2 do my dyno numbers sound about right? - Ep3 chassis, 05 k24a2, ep3 5spd trans, 25 degree vtc gear, kpro, injen sri, ebay catback, stock exhaust manifold, gutted cat, rbb intake manifold, a3 tb, and thermal  Wiseco Pistons K24 K24a K24a2 K24/K20 w/ K20 K20a K20a2 Head 87. The red line between 6500 rpm and 6900 rpm shows the correct power and torque curves. This Honda S2K is the closest to showroom quality we have seen without a time machine. stock b20 turbo dyno, Jul 10, 2017 · Trade in. This is a ball bearing turbo, and does not come as a journal bearing option. Sep 03, 2017 · Latest dyno on E85. Each 10 degrees allows peak to be shifted up or down the RPM range at different loads and you get a good 5-10% more power in different areas at different RPMs and throttle settings. 1 day ago · Buy an RRC intake manifold, it is the best choice for high rpm of all OEM intake manifolds. Fully dealer compatible - works with all Honda scan tools and equipment. Reflash - RSX Type S FiTech Fuel Injection has been supplying automotive products, specifically fuel injection products, since 2012. Proven Power The dyno graph abo. will update with power and some videos hope you enjoyed guys! comments n questions welcomed!!! Revolution Performance dyno charts for 124cid motors. Header / APEXi WS 2. My plan was to get an LS1 Trans-Am since I have always liked them, and I was searching also for interest sake a K24A2 out of a CL9 Accord/oddessy, makes 200hp (150kw) and a whopping 171lb/ft torque. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road. Wiseco is a USA manufacturer for performance products such as forged pistons, clutch baskets, gasket kits, connecting rods, valves, crankshafts, and camshafts for motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATV, snowmobiles, PWC and automobiles. It was ported at the tb Inlet as well as the runners. Toyota MKIV Supra TT JDM. Jan 01, 2019 · I remember seeing a Dyno that compared a k24a2 engine with a K20a head and k24a2 head. The K Series Source . This engine series, the K-series, replaced the B-series of engines that had previously been used in these applications for 12 years. As you can see, the difference is dramatic. Jul 03, 2018 · 3. Under the hood sits a 3. 2nd is after a 20 min cool down. 25" exhaust was added as well. During a recent dyno testing stint at Church Auto Testing in Wilmington, CA, I had the opportunity to do a little before-and-after test of the reflash on my personal HTSpec TSX. Engine rebuild kits / engine overhaul kits, stroker kits, crankshaft kits, connecting rods, engine parts. The results showed more torque with k24 head and more hp with k20 head. May 01, 2004 · The engine dyno measures torque at the crankshaft using a variety of means and then uses a math formula—torque times rpm divided by 5252 (a sort of gearhead's constant, derived by dividing The next level up is the Hobby dyno, perfect for small apps and projects. You can also overlay graphs from several different shocks for comparison. 383/390- 385/377 - 25 PSI tapering to 21 at redline Available in 1. May 06, 2020 · Precision Turbo & Engine is a leader in turbocharger technology for street and race applications. Â Ultimately, it turns out Sep 25, 2018 · We aren’t reporting baseline pulls as Dezotell preferred to keep the F-1A-94 dyno results on the down low. 45/ 11. Jan 22, 2017 · Rsx type s K24a2 Header, intake, exhaust Kpro 225whp 186wtq Mirelestuned. Save Share. Oct 01, 2008 · In the original graph (Graph A) the horsepower and torque ranged from 0 to 450. A noteworthy shortcoming of the K-Series is cost. 9psi made 320whp and 330lbtrq. Part #: 10118206: Price: These companies offer adapters to help with installing a transmission to a specific engine. The Acura TSX comes in with 10. The reflash shows a few ft-lbs of torque more than expected. Most dyno closer to 400hp, rather than the stated 375. We have techs trained to tune Powervision, Power Commander, Thundermax, TTS, Direct Link, Race Tuner, and a host of others. Tuned by Dynamotorsports. 5 exhaust, stock airbox, (dyno tune 221 - Hytech Header, 2. The 5. Damn , It's been awhile since I've posted here. This K24A2 needs first of all a race header (long tube preferred) for cams to work. Once data is recorded, you can create reports or graphs of the results. 5RR: . The k24a2 head flows less than the k20a2 head, and the k24a1 head flows the best up to 7krpm. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. 00. I'd like to see someone with a K20A2/K24A2 on here with just k-pro and exhaust. The goal was to show off what can be done with a stock K24A2 engine  After years of high end race and dyno testing, BC has released a line of 8620 steel USDM K24A2 (TSX), Stock, 310°/302°, 210°/212° . Jan 05, 2005 · I just wanted to see a stock dyno chart to see how well the V6 motor was engineered to begin with. May 02, 2017 · As you can see from the accompanying dyno sheet and graph, 4Piston easily eclipsed their 500 hp goal with a peak of 519 hp at 9,400. 11 Jul 2018 Sorry guys I was on that mota mixing all this numbers Engine setup up: k24a stock block and head k20a oil pump K20a 50 deg vtc Rbc manifold Fuel clinic 528cc Ktuned fuel system Ktuned 72mm tb 3" custom intake 3"  The result will be post here with dyno graph! AutopilotX , 10-09-2012 09:34 PM. 5 16v As you can see from the power graph, our latest spec engine makes 354bhp @ 7900rpm and 244lb/ft @6200rpm. Average hp between 5500rpms to 9000rpms is 511whp. The engine power is 220 HP @ 8,000 rpm, the torque is 215 Nm @ 6,100 rpm. If the K20A head is sufficient for a reliable 9000rpm, then it's the route to go. 7 is under rated, been that way for a while. Use at your own risk. But The eco needed a better 60ft and was pushing 25lb of boost on e30 and flatfoot shifting in order to do so. The 2. My car is a Judging from internet forum wars, riddled with fiery posts and personal attacks, the choice between a Honda B or K series engine is more a religious decision than one based on fact or mechanical superiority. The Tesla P85D was an absolute monster when Dragtimes strapped it to their dyno a couple of years ago, cranking out a staggering 864 lb-ft of torque. 19 Sep 2016 First, we did a baseline tune with the stock K24A2, our Street header (the 4-1 design), and the Skunk2 Ultra Street manifold we now carry. based in Blackpool England. 5-liter V6? We hit the dyno with both to find out. But in anticipation of this reality, we have been working hard to create a new-to-the-world virtual booth for our devoted Customers. It's all over these forums, plenty of dyno graphs say the same thing. The car really is a blast to drive in its current state, but the K24 will be a gamechanger for taking the car to the next level of where it needs to be. 340. Jun 24, 2010 · Setting and adjusting the valve lash is often overlooked as a simplistic and unsophisticated task for proper engine maintenance, yet much can be gained by paying attention to valve lash. We have been committing to provide quality performance parts solutions to automotive business since 2007. Precision offers a full line of custom turbochargers, accessories, intercoolers, fuel injectors and stand alone engine management systems. I really want the K24A2 for the torque. One of our regular clients has brought his CTR into us for a Honda K20 engine build, due to its gradually increasing oil consumption and decreasing performance. RBC Plenum Spacer / Intake. Apr 08, 2008 · Here's a stock S2000 Power/Torque Graph taken from a Dyno machine. 36 Seconds, the difference between theses 2 Shocks is about the Width of the Pencil Line on a $30,000 Dyno Graph. This is my first American car btw! I put an LS6 w/ cam in my 1994 RX-7, but sold it last year to a guy from Prague - Czech Republic. 4L, you would purchase the K24A Low Compression. Apr 06, 2012 · So here's my dyno sheet just for reference its on Church Automotive Dyno 06 TSX K24A2 w/ stock header w/ stock cat, AEM v2 intake, 2. The look of the graph can be changed by selecting Graph Options from the menu. 7 @ 112 on A dyno is a tool used to show you results based on changes you’ve made to ECU mapping and there is a wide variety of dyno manufactures with each one using different technology and calibrations. Jul 03, 2018 · Honda K20 engine modifications and differences 1. Stock Header / APEXi WS 2. Kelford Cams the House of Horsepower. The k24a2 from the 06-08 TSX, has the largest OEM k series cams, an extra . (K20a and K24a2) are the best 4 banger DOHC motors honda has ever built thus far That leaves the K24A2 from the TSX or the JDM ITR engine, called simply the K20A. See how smooth the torque curve is and how much extra torque there is at 2000 RPM. Jan 01, 2006 · Acura TSX K24A2 Engine - Playing Catch-up Photo Gallery After two years on the market, Hondata spends a year cracking the nut that is the TSX ECU to find the motor's true grit. A Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, and Ducati. Explore Instagram posts by Dyno Dampz. If it's the k24a2 from a tsx expect about 190ish whp from a custom tune. 85018. If you were to advertise products, you'll be selling. Sell k20a2 head. 2 Oct 2019 Looking at the dyno graph you can see the larger A/R changed the shape of the power and torque curves. The K24Z series. 819 WHP @ 28. The Honda Element (K24A1) and Acura TSX (K24A2) came equipped with a 2. The Green line represents the change to Toda N2 cams. Full spool moved from 5250rpm to . 12 Aug 2019 The full write-up with pictures, all details, and dyno graphs can be the cost of our current K24A2 swap,   2 May 2017 As you can see from the accompanying dyno sheet and graph, 4Piston easily eclipsed their 500 hp goal with a peak of 519 hp at 9,400. JE Pistons leads the industry in the manufacture of quality forged pistons for the domestic automotive, sport compact, powersports and racing markets. Powersports Products & Services: click images for larger view. This wasn't a standard rbc which in the original test yielded 5 whp on the top end. experience coupled with computerized modeling and extensive dyno testing. In this video I explain the 2 main types of chassis dyno Dyno Tuning is essential to realizing the full potential of todays fuel injected and carbureted bikes from stock to modified. 5l/100 km or less on the Canadian tests supposedly. This results in increased knock, reduced ignition timing to combat knock, and low power output. Search form submit button. Also, please keep in mind that the 235 whp figure was the lowest dyno of the day. This car in an EG with a 6spd w/LSD went 13. He currently owns a 2003 Honda CRF450R Supermoto, 2006 Nissan 350Z, and a 2018 Yamaha MT09. - Greddy turbo kit on k24a2? The purple line is the line from the previous dyno chart 2 with Injen Intake, Toda Headers, stock cams 45 degree VTC and K-Pro. Peak torque chimed in with 297 lb-ft at 8,600 rpm, but perhaps more importantly, this little  These are the dyno graphs from the 2017 Civic Si that I had on the rollers earlier today. 2L Carrera performed on a Dynojet dynamometer. These matched sets of injectors offer excellent idle characteristics and consistent performance between individual injectors. 5 exhaust, CAI (just threw it on after the dyno tune on stock box to see gains. Mine dyno'd 371 rwhp uncorrected stock but ran a 12. i think it was the 50 trim turbo. Jump to Latest Follow My K24A2 Civic Build Thread: http://goo. Graph with just + Velocity . 451"/. Honda-Tech Member. VTEC switch point was set to 4000 RPM for this setup. 490" Forum; ARIA TEHNICA; Tuning - Proiecte; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Don't let the pricing fool you, these are excellent cams for the K-Series at a great price. Bigvinnie here are stock #s:k24a2 (tsx)[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Sorry boys, Honda wins, even the H22 in 1992-96 had more. k24a2 w/ IPS k2's & RBC Intake Manifold / 40º VTC Mechanism Same car is the thin lines vs another car I don't exactally know all the good stuff to look for in a dyno graph but I was impressed and hope to have similiar results. The red line is the RBC manifold Dec 07, 2020 · This chart is nowhere near scientific or definitive in its scope. It's long been said the 5. This graph compares the horsepower and torque of four different motorcycles. Proseal rings and other accessories are also available to complete your rebuild. 0 Litre configurations, the B Series remains the most popular choice when performing a Honda engine swaps. The TSX is so new you likely won't see one in a yard for some time. Up to 6 dyno runs can be selected and displayed on the graph. We are leading providers of fuel systems and Ultra Ram SBC EFI. TT Dyno Dyno software that can turn data logs from automotive tuning tools into real dyno graphs!. *ONLINE CHASSIS DYNO* *REACTION TIME TEST* *PROJECT CARS* 2009 FORD SHELBY GT500; 2007 Ford Shelby GT500; 2005 Ford Mustang GT; 2005 Dodge HEMI Magnum; 2003 Ford F 06 civic Si full k24a2 238whp 192tq SOLD 2015 mustang ecoobost 6speed 285whp. 8 Max POWER= 169. It is mainly known for it’s use in the Honda Accord and Acura TSX models. Our full test of the 2012 GT-R suggests otherwise. if uve got no torque curve present on the graph Jun 18, 2019 · Skunk2 Racing is an industry leading aftermarket performance parts manufacturer that designs, engineers, develops, and manufactures engine, suspension, and exhaust performance parts for Honda, Acura, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Subaru. S. K24A4 is an analogue to K24A1, but it has new pistons, the 9. 2006+ K24A2 engines came with a fully upgraded intake system. Nov 21, 2019 · November, 2017: Go back to the dyno for tuning this engine. The sound it makes is worth it let alone the potential of the 5. Dyno Results: Camshaft Part # 12-246-3: Designation: XE274H-10: Duration @ 0. Jan 01, 2006 · Just as potent is the K24A2, the K20's greater displacing cousin found in Acura's TSX sport sedan. the d16y8 pulley is 6. Dyno Graphs !!!!! 1, 2 by daje00 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:24 pm 13 Replies K24a2 swapped RSX ECT/Fan Output by daje00 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:50 pm 2 Replies Nov 24, 2009 · Honda has always been proud of the word “Motor” in its name. Proven Power The dyno graph above shows the difference in power gains. Search. i believe it should make more power. Aside from the obvious power and torque gains throughout the entire graph, you can see through the shape of the torque curve that this is a naturally aspirated car. Emissions Control Warning: It is illegal to sell, install, or offer for sale any aftermarket part that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control system. Not real impressive, and it shows that my dyno is a bit of a pessimist. The B Series was available with and without Honda's V-TEC. If you have a TSX (K24A2 motor) doing an RBC intake manifold on that engine will lose   Pulls were done on a low reading Mustang dyno Krazyteg's K24a2 dyno tune to look for in a dyno graph but I was impressed and hope to have similiar results. Last week we did a full day of independent dyno testing that I want to share. 5 pistons, TSX rods, K24A1 head with K20A/K20Z3 cams in a VTEC killer setup with K20a dual springs and retainers and an RBC manifold+ 70mm TB. Mustang6G. Installing cams first will result in a loss of power. Engine management systems and accessories for motorsport Took a trip up to Spokane to tune Gabriel Johnson’s K24 EP3 Civic on the Dyno. Lot #15,712. The car is an 87 with the factory 28 pin 1267355358 chip, which also came on many of the 88-89 U. Ill start: Stock B18b from head to pan Skunk2 intake manifold Greddy Turbo manifold Garrett GT2560r . 5" crush bend piping, 2. Shock "B" is twice as stiff as "A" in this case. For D-1SC users who are looking for a comparison, Carlson said they picked up 55 rwhp with the same pulley sizes on an LS combination (740rwhp to 795 rwhp) and the better efficiency helped belt life by a wide-margin. So, now the engine is at 550whp/420tq at 17psi. Nice gains and the car officially has more power than the Ford V6 it started life with, as well as more torque. I wouldn't worry about dyno numbers either. We make auto parts for Honda Acura Subaru BMW Mercedes Scion Ford Chevy Nissan Dodge Porsche Fiat Infiniti Really depends on the k24. I think the later spool and torque on the 2nd graph is due to the SS headers and turbo being cold. Idles perfectly at 1000 rpm with a bit of lope. Turbo spools up at 4400rpms, right around when VTEC lobes switch over -- partly due to the large 1. So do our dyno results. 06AR. 3. i dont believe the k24 head is choked out just yet. Gains on the top end were seen from 5400 rpm increasing to a maximum gain of 16 hp from 7000 RPM to the redline. Took a trip up to Spokane to tune Gabriel Johnson’s K24 EP3 Civic on the Dyno. Hondata does  5 May 2014 The power number and in general, the graph are amazing all the way On the dyno or street if we are cruising at 4000rpm, 5psi of boost in 4th  18 Dec 2016 Recently we ended up going back to back on the dyno with two different We had tirespin on the dyno and decided to not chase numbers. The first K-series engines arrived stateside under the hood of the 2001 EP3 Civic Si (K20A3) and the 2002 Acura RSX Type S (K20A2). A key benefit of the K24Z3 swap is that the stock Miata subframe can be retained. I cant upload the graph as i dont have internet atm (using my phone to do everything) but if anyone wants to see it shoot me your mobile number and I will mms it. Wanted to make sure I ramp it up slowly. The cage would also be really… Nov 22, 2017 · The new Honda Accord is only available with a 2. 050": 230° / 236° Max Lift w/ 1. ), but you still have the option of custom tuning if you wish to get a little more. 5" Exhaust Hondata K-Pro Aug 29, 2014 · Here's the dyno chart. 582 WHP @ 22. PTE 6266 / E-Cutout Dump. Classic Digital Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge ; Classic Digital Boost Pressure Gauges -30 ~35PSI / -30 ~ 50PSI ; Classic Digital Oil Pressure Gauges 0 ~ 100PSI / 0 ~ 150PSI 99 EK/K24A2 92 DB2/B17A1 they tend to run better than the dyno rwhp numbers would have you believe. Oct 24, 2017 · Which is exactly what we did with our Track Built EK Civic project, swapping in a bone stock 2006 Civic Si engine (K20Z3) along with K-tuned’s cold-air intake and 4-2-1 K-swap header, 2-1/4” Magnaflow exhaust and a 94-octane OnPoint Dyno tune using a Ktuner ECU. … Dec 25, 2005 · Im really not joking when i say that there are teams that are making 320+whp n/a with well over 200lbft from built engines with k-pro ecu's. 50. This new 64mm turbo bridges the wide gap between the 62mm and 67mm precision turbos, and is rated for 900hp depending on the application. I'm still on the ball about building a K24 over the winter for my RSX. Fits 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si 2. 25 1 inch bolt and washer)-REQUIRES RE-USE OF FACTORY K24 OIL PUMP TENSIONER on K24a block-K20z3 requires use of k24a oil pump tensioner part #13450-RAA-A02-We now offer this kit unmodified for the end user who wants to machine the pump themselves. if you , Every tube was designed in Solid Works and the cage was pre assembled and rendered which made the actual cage construction very fast. Just was giving a worst case scenario. HONDA RRC Intake Manifold. Reflash - TSX 2004-2005 TSX MT/AT K24A2 . Everything you need to know before dyno tuning your Honda K-Series. Blue is with a much better and straighter setup (6" filter into an 80mm velocity stack into a 76mm 45 degree pipe into my 76mm TB). Also since Tage was on a dynapack his horsepower on a dyno jet would more likely have been 200WHP. Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum nearly everyone posted in this thread is turning their motors to at least 8k, and most of those are on early tsx or crv bottom ends, which the 12+ is far superior to. Here's the graph  21 Jan 2014 No vtc changes or ignition timing changes made any increase from where this dyno graph was set. Download Virtual Dyno for Windows to generate horsepower and engine speed evolution of your cars. Trade Shows have been cancelled for 2020 and we are disappointed as you are. It can also be displayed in a chart format that can be viewed and/or exported as a text or delimited file for use in a spreadsheet or exported as an image file. of Marietta, GA. K24z7 Hp - feeu. Ported Head / 1mm Oversized Valves. We reach almost all horsepower endeavors. jdm k24a 2. Oct 24, 2011 · Home; Engine builds; Honda K20 Engine Build; October 24, 2011 Mark Honda K20 Engine Build. . 4-liter to be nothing more than a long-stroke version of the K20A2, going Jul 29, 2017 · K20/K24 build (with dyno chart) Hi all, I've not been very active on the forums in the last year whilst I've been away from the car and the track but now I'm back as you might have seen as I'm selling lots of bits in the Marketplace Forum that are left over from my recent build. -add a turbo on this setup and see where i can push the stock injectors This will get it on par with the NA 2GR motor which i think is a big step for many people. Id be doing a K24A1 with TSX 87. list of parts included:. The Shock Dyno Retrofit Kit provides a load cell and length sensor, plus electronics to record both channels. DMT Acura Integra Type-R. ive never seen anybody dyno a k24 past 7krpm,its prob cos the torque curve is headed off into the abyss by then. If you look at the stock torque curve (the very first dyno chart in this thread), it peaks at around 200 ft-lbs near 2,800 RPM, just like the spec says. Figured before I beat up his new oil; we would see what he has going on. There is a weight calc for the dyno’s but Honda tuning the 1. Hi, Im selling a very good condition original stock Civic type R FD2R RSP-2 complete cylinder head at only $1488!!! Dyno test have shown 11whp / 16ft-lbs gain on a normally-aspirated VQ37HR engine. -get a dyno graph with the kit as it stands when it is fully released. 7 compression ratio, a 1-stage RAA intake manifold and slightly modified head ports. Carrillo rates this rod as a 275hp rod, so a 4cyl could safely make 1100hp with this rod without overpowering it. everything seems fine, i really wish the graph was a lot smoother i dont have money to tune right now since i just got laid off at work since lennar homes is Oct 27, 2020 · While this is a good way to compare power numbers across different vehicles and modifications, there is a lot of unspoken information you can read in the curve of a dyno graph. Good initial set up and keeping a close eye on the valve lash can alert you to a problem before it leads to a pernicious death o Dyno Sheet Mod List and other pictures N/a or FI Rule: Must have dyno sheet scanned to post setup. 35 Seconds and another tests . honda accord 2. Dyno graphs hold quite a bit of useful information if you know how to read them beyond peak numbers. The most recent dyno chart is listed below. The BC stg2 cams would work better with his RBC and either a k20a2 or k24a1 head. Quick view Add to Cart. The K24Z1 replaced the K24A1 in the 2007 Honda CRV. w/e worked for ur k24a2 means very little to the op as no two motors are built identical The Honda K20 engine is actually more like a family of engines that was first introduced in 2001. In real world use the stock intercooler can easily allow charge air temperatures well over 200*F. K24A2 dyno testing day! 6 51 72 96 124 156 112 142 177 JE Pistons has over 400 Powersports part numbers for street bikes, dirt bikes, ATV's Made by JE,  K-series Cams dyno Graph sheet. No other manifold kit includes brackets that allow you to easily remount the crank case vent valve, the idle control valve, and the dip-stick back into their. com is an independently owned forum and enthusiast site dedicated to the 2015+ Mustang. Increases of 3-4 hp on top are common with decent cans & a Powercommander with a good map while increases of 8-10 hp have been seen with premium cans and an optimal map plus the soft-limiter removed, but what really seperates the can manfacturers are the ones that can get the most linear power curve. What marketing strategies does Ephatch use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Ephatch. 4-liter variant, with i-VTEC on the intake cam. K20A is a sports JDM version made since 2001. K24A3 is an analogue to K24A2 1st gen for Europe and Australia. 010 Software RO 11/21/2003 18:02:04 DYNORUN. These camshafts are designed to enhance the low end torque performance of the engine, while giving the top end a noticeable gain in horsepower. Hondata KPro is a fully programmable ECU for RSX (DC5), Civic Si (EP3), and K Swaps. 0L K20A2 / K20Z1. I'll get diagrams and charts for all the wiring shortly. So there will always be some deviation from the standard. Those engines produced 205 hp and 164 lb-ft (222 Nm) of torque. Apr 05, 2017 · This 1990 Mazda Miata is for sale in Athens, Georgia with an asking price of $12,500. here is my dyno sheet i have ITR cams, 9lb flywheel, injen cai, dcrh and evo2 Exhaust. k24a2 dyno graph

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